weight loss and super foods

Weight Loss Super Foods written by: farawaytree Weight loss is probably one of the most searched items on the internet. Most people in general understand that getting some level of exercise everyday is crucial to losing weight. Incorporating delicious, healthy foods into that routine is the real trick. There are some tasty foods out there that are considered to be weight loss super foods.

Fruits are always beneficial for you. Most of them are a great source of vitamin C and fiber. Some super ones on the list are oranges, bananas, and grapefruit. Oranges contain a ton of fiber, which is instrumental in helping the body metabolize faster, and of course the added bonus of Vitamin C. Bananas are truly a super food, as eating just one can give you energy for hours. Bananas are also high in potassium, which promotes a more restful sleep, and sleep is vital to maintaining a healthy weight. Grapefruits may be bitter for many people, but they contain 90% water, and keeping water in your body is also a key to weight loss. Grapefruits can fill you up, fortify you with fiber, as well as hydrate.

Good Fat

Good fat is not hard to find. In fact, most healthy fats come in very appetizing packages. The avocado is a favorite. It is full of nutty flavor and monounsaturated fat, which means you can swap that bag of potato chips for an avocado and feel good about it. Nuts, including almonds, pine, cashew, and soy can also be super for weight loss. Besides being a good fat, nuts contain protein and are perfect for taking out and about to satisfy snack cravings. Grabbing a bag of nuts instead of chips or a chocolate bar can really make all the difference for weight loss.


Beans, and more beans! These are indeed a super weight loss food. Whether it is kidney, white, black, or garbanzo beans, they are all chalk full of protein and fiber. You can use garbanzo beans to make a delightful hummus dip, which is both rich and delicious. Dairy foods can help out with weight loss as long as you stick to some guidelines. Having eggs for breakfast is great to get energy for the day, but just don’t eat too many, and drinking low fat milk is excellent for calcium, but with much less fat. Keeping all these super foods in your daily diet is the smart move for weight loss.

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